In 2009, Shiny Radio was founded by Ilya Shiny. The first album "Грациозно" (Gracefully) was recorded with influences from different perfomers such us Tricky, Gorillaz, Morcheeba, DJ Krush, Aim and Bonobo. It was a combination of hip-hop, downtempo and trip-hop with scratching. After these releases, it was decided to change up the genre of the project.

   In 2013, the 'Feel The Fire' EP was published by Dutch label Celsius Recordings. The release got wholly positive reviews and saw a good reception with both international and russian listeners. The Album was recorded with the involvement of singer La Kos, who is now a constant participant of the project. It was the first full experience of completing a release.

Shiny Radio & La Kos

   Shiny Radio, with La Kos, then went onto perform together with famous artists such as Goldie, Brooks Brothers, Seba, Etherwood, DJ Patife and Electrosoul System. In 2015 Ilya was invited onto Digitally Imported (USA) radio as a presenter of his own show, Shiny's Good Scene, dedicated to liquidfunk dnb. Later on another show was launched, Shiny's Main Room, dedicated for harder subgenres of drum and bass music.